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Although there won’t be any more Experience Design events, we have created an Interaction Design Group on Upcoming.org to allow people to share relevant events in the UK and beyond. If you are not a member of Upcoming.org it is highly recommended as a tool for finding and evaluating professional events.

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The Group announcement list is being wound down but in due course you will be invited to join the Innovation Forum list.

> Past events

‘A Life in the Day of... The editorial designer’ Max Gadney and Jeremy Leslie – 21 September 2006

‘Pay Attention! Reports from the TED2006 and ETech’ Andy Hobsbawm, Max Gadney, Norman Lewis, and Lee Bryant – 5 April 2006

With InSync: ‘Interact! Games meets interaction design’ Ben Cerveny, and Durrell Bishop, Luckybite – 22 September 2005
Usability News report and Handcircus Weblog post

‘Design and Social Policy’ Richard Eisermann, Director – Design & Innovation, Design Council; James Woudhuysen, Professor of Forecasting and Innovation, De Montfort University; and Ben Rogers, Associate Director/Head of the Democracy team, ippr – 11 July 2005
Louise Ferguson’s reflections ‘Who designs if not designers?’. David Wilcox comments on the event design ‘Even meetings about design need a designer’.

‘Designing Business’ Chris Pacione, BodyMedia – 12 May 2005

‘Designing the Future of RFID’ Martin Swerdlow, founder and CEO, Integrated Product Intelligence Ltd, and Gill Wildman, Plot, plus interactionary – 30 March 2005
Usability News reports on the event and interactionary.

‘The Future of User-Centred Technology Design’ Rachel Jones, Instrata Limited, Dan Hill, BBC Radio and Music Interactive, James Woudhuysen, De Montfort University – 20 January 2005

‘The inspiring art of film title design’ David Peters – 9 September 2004

‘Architecture and urban space in a digital world’ Dr Andrew Hudson-Smith, Craig Riley and Hannah Redler, and Pedro Sepúlveda – 23 June 2004

‘Designing for interactive TV’ Vibeke Hansen and Vicky Spengler, BBC New Media and Technology, Joel Newman and Kathy Kavan, Sky Interactive, Jonathan Knight, Frazer Designers, and Russell Merryman, BBC New Media – 10 May 2004

‘Small Design Firm’ David Small and John Rothenberg, and ‘Glancing’ Matt Webb – 29 March 2004

‘BBC New Media Central’ Multiple presenters – 25 February 2004
Written up by Susanne Dickel of headshift

‘The future of user interfaces, 20 years after the Mac’ Nikki Barton of NYKRIS, Nico Macdonald, and self-proposed presenters – 29 January 2004

‘Graphic design meets the Web’ Heath Kane and Edwin Bradford – 6 November 2004

‘Re-visiting the “user”’ Simon Rubens, Alex Wilkie and Alex McKie – 14 October 2003

‘Designing for e-government’ Catriona Campbell, Matt Hopgood of Sapient, and Louise Ferguson – 3 September 2003
Report by Ann Light on Usability News.

‘Understanding the future of mobile devices’ Timothy Ryan and Karl Humphreys of Orange, Joe Odukoya of Symbian, and Dr Simon Roberts of the iSociety and Ideas Bazaar – 6 August 2003

‘Information visualisation’ Martin Grothmaak and Edwards Churcher– 18 June 2003

‘The Network meets the Real world’ Tobi Schneidler and the Resonance Design group – 7 May 2003

‘Service Design’ Bill Hollins, Kevin Gavaghan and live|work studio – 23 April 2003

‘The Aesthetics of Code’ Danny Brown, Simon Wistow and Casey Reas – 12 March 2003

‘Mass communication’ Julia Whitney, WGBH – 12 February 2003
Report by Michael Andrews on Usability News.

‘Documenting Design’ Nico Macdonald – 15 January 2003

‘Adaptive Design’ Ann Light and Dan Hill – 5 December 2002

‘The Emergence of Information Architecture’ Lou Rosenfeld – 13 November 2002
Usability News report on this event.

‘Evaluating design effectiveness’ – 23 October 2002
Usability News report on this event

‘Games design’ JC Herz – 6 September 2002

‘Technology futures’ – 24 July 2002

‘Usability vs Innovation’ Steve Krug and Martyn Perks – 11 June 2002

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If you have queries about this information please email   Nico Macdonald

> Background

The objective of the Experience Design London group was to facilitate learning, discussion and debate amongst people working in experience design, with designers working in other areas, and with people connected with experience design, including engineers, writers, and clients. Experience Design London was founded in 2000 and and programmed over 50 events up until 2006.