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The Innovation Reading Circle aims to help develop theory around innovation through rich, high-level and well-informed public discussion around key and related texts and discourses... [Read on in Objectives]

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20: Energy futures

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Energise! cover

Energise! A future for Innovation by James Woudhuysen and Joe Kaplinsky (Beautiful Books, 2008) [576pp]

In Energise! James Woudhuysen and Joe Kaplinsky present a widely researched analysis of the future of energy aiming to enable readers to distinguish fact from fiction. They argue that ‘'If the world could be more thoughtful about energy supply, we could all afford to be thoughtless about our personal use of energy”. Rather than disputing the nature and extent of climate change, the authors analyses man’s response to it, asking why is it that man has so far failed to deliver an intelligent response to the problem?Energise! was designed by Mike Dempsey and Stephanie Jerey. [Read on on the book page on the publisher’s site...]

James Woudhuysen is visiting Professor of Forecasting and Innovation at De Montfort University, Leicester, and a contributor to Computing magazine. He read physics at the University of Sussex, and at the Science Policy Research Unit, Sussex, did postgraduate research in the political economy of nuclear energy. After a spell in journalism and consulting, he worked for the Henley Centre for Forecasting, London, and went on to head worldwide market intelligence at Philips Consumer Electronics, the Netherlands, before returning to the UK. [Read on at woudhuysen.com]. Joe Kaplinsky is pursuing postgraduate research in chemical biology at Imperial College London. He read theoretical physics at the University of Manchester, staying there to do experimental research in low temperature physics. He then took masters degrees in structural molecular biology (Birkbeck, University of London) and protein and membrane chemical biology (Imperial). On becoming a patent analyst, he wrote about a wide range of energy technologies, from the handling of nuclear waste, the liquefaction of coal, gas turbine generators and drilling for oil through to the management of power in consumer electronics.

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The Hydrogen Economy: The Creation of the World-Wide Energy Web and the Redistribution of Power on Earth by Jeremy Rifkin (Jeremy P. Tarcher, 2002)

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Calendar7–8:45 pm (6:30 pm for drinks), Monday 6 April 2009. You can add this event to your calendar using the Share feature available from the event page on Facebook.

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The Gerard Bar, Royal Society of Arts, 8 John Adam Street, London WC2N 6EZ
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If you would like to take part please go to the event page on Facebook and select Attending under ‘Your RSVP’, and order the book(s). If you find you cannot register please request an invitation. To find out who is taking part, see the ‘Confirmed Guests’ section of the the event page on Facebook.

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We are grateful to the RSA for hosting this event

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[To come]

Points for discussion

Some of the questions that we plan to discuss include:

  • What is the role of energy in society?
  • Why do we seem to have insufficient energy?
  • What is the relationship of energy creation, distribution and use to climate change?
  • How appropriate is it to focus on consumers when addressing energy use?
  • Is there unrealised potential in past technological solutions such as nuclear power?
  • How appropriate is our attitude to carbon based fuels?
  • Are more recent technological solutions appropriate and being addressed at the right level?

Overviews and excerpts

[None at present]

Background reading, listening and viewing


A green fix? Daniel Ben-Ami, Fund Strategy, 2 March 2009

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If you have queries about the event please email   Nico Macdonald