Is London missing out on the potential of new technologies?

Thursday 7 October 2010, 18.30 – 20.00

Conference Centre, British Library

Price: £6 / £4 concessions

London has historically been the home of great innovations, and now the potential is even greater than ever with the development of digital technology.

But can we recognise the real innovations hidden around us or are we distracted and dazzled by the short-term allure of shiny new technologies? Does London have the ambition and vision to use innovation to transform the city or will we stick with the status quo?

Speakers include:

Iain Gray, chief executive, Technology Strategy Board

Adam Hart-Davis, writer and broadcaster

Dr Hermann Hauser, co-founder, Amadeus Capital Partners

Dr Norman Lewis, chief innovation officer and managing partner, Open-Knowledge UK

Oliver Morton, Energy and Environment Editor, The Economist and author of Eating the Sun

Chair: David Rowan, editor, Wired UK

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