The future of transport: to infinity and beyond?

Date: Wednesday 6 October
Time: 18.30 – 20.00
Venue: Cubic Theatre, London Transport Museum, Covent Garden Piazza

We all know that the future of transport isn’t jetpacks and teleporters. Science fiction scenarios from The Jetsons to Star Trek have filled our minds with weird and wonderful possibilities that have never come to pass.

And yet, with the advent of space travel for the paying public with Virgin Galactic, is the science fiction of flying cars starting to sound less far-fetched? (Booking is now open with ‘your local accredited space agent’ — if you have a spare $200,000.)

Conceptual image of VMS Eve and SpaceShipTwo in flight © 2009-2010 Virgin Galactic

VMS Eve and SpaceShipTwo in flight © 2009-2010 Virgin Galactic

London is a city that absolutely depends on its transport system, and it has a rich history of innovation in transport: from the Brunel Tunnel to the very first underground railway system, opened in 1863. What can we learn from these past innovations to help us innovate better in the future? How can we make better use of information systems and technologies such as GPS? How can we increase our understanding of the needs of the city and its occupants, and design for future transport that is faster, more comfortable, cheaper?

Join us for an evening of presentations and discussion in which we will look at what new forms of transport there might be on the horizon — and what is already being developed — and ask: What forms will electric vehicles actually take? Do driverless taxis work for real people? Can heads-up displays be adapted from military jets to civilian cars? Should we look seriously at aerial transport networks? When we want to leave the city should we be doing it on a Chinese conceived train that doesn’t stop at stations? (And what did happen to our flying cars?)


Austin Williams, Founder, The Future Cities Project [@Future_Cities]

Mark Charmer, Founder, The Movement Design Bureau [@charmermark]

Paul Priestman, co-founder, Priestmangoode [@Priestmangoode]

Chair: Nico Macdonald, Spy


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