Researching Social Technologies

For a client, I am researching the area of Social Technologies – that is, the humane use of innovative technologies in social care, including care of the elderly and infirm – to understand how this domain can be intelligently and effectively supported.

Such social technologies might include mobile robotic assistive ‘arms’ in the home to help the elderly with tasks, fetching, and moving around. Or sensors to detect falls and alert carers. The key affordances are the retention of dignity, independence and choice for the ‘user’.

I am currently working to map and engage with possible stakeholders; understand their and other audiences’ potential interests, needs and goals; map the landscape of organisations in this area; and propose viable designs for addressing them.

Possible stakeholders include Academia, Funders, Government (National and Local), Regulators, Health/care providers, the Tech industry, the Media, Social technology researchers, and Social and Technology policymakers.

I’d welcome thoughts from friends and colleagues on challenges, stakeholders, and exemplary organisations working intelligently and effectively in parallel domains. Do post thoughts here or on my LinkedIn post, where other colleagues have been commenting. Either way, if you’d like to be updated on this research when it is published and goes to the next stage do get in touch.

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