Survey: Could you be more capable and creative with digital technologies?

We are all using digital technologies more to support our work and lives – not least since lockdown. We have all had to master them for personal tasks, for education and learning, and for remote working and collaboration. I am increasingly aware that there is great untapped potential in how we are using these wonderful tools and I want to help people to make better use of them, and to realise more of their capabilities and creativity.
As such I will be offering tailored as well as structured online advice and training on Apple products – primarily the Mac, iPhone and iPad, as well as Web-based tools – to help people be more efficient and capable, and get more value from their digital tools.
I would be grateful if you were interested in giving us feedback on possible areas and kinds of support we might offer. This survey will take about five minutes:

To anyone who responds, I will offer a complimentary one-to-one advice and training session, to be taken before the end of May. By taking this survey you of course do not commit to using the service when it launches.
Shortly I will also be hosting a trial Basics of macOS group training session friends and colleagues would be most welcome to join.
This is part of my #SpyGenius work which I have been engaged in since the late 1980s, when I was involved in advising and training designer and other professionals to use Apple products and related software and services for electronic publishing. Later, with the advent of the public Internet, I focused on helping people with their personal use of information and communication technologies and with digital media.
Today there are many new areas in which advice and training is needed, including managing email and other messaging services; taking part in online events; collaborating remotely; taking notes and managing information; getting entertained; publishing online; planning life and work; engaging in social media; and keeping track of finances. And these possibilities and potentials will only increase.

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