Interviewed on 50 Years of the Internet Project

For a podcast, I was interviewed by journalist Peter Gothard (@petergothard) on the ‘50 Years of the Internet Project’ for Series 2 of the Dublin-based IT services provider Version 1’s One Zero One podcast. The podcast aims to present ‘an inspiring series of conversations with some of the leading technology experts and trailblazers in the UK & Ireland’. I’d be happy with that moniker.

The themes were quite wide-ranging, but the focus was on the what we can learn from the past and present about the shaping the future of the Internet; the relationship of society and technology; and how we might do academic-type research in ways which are more valuable for the people who use research, and those who contribute to it. The sell for the interview is:

2019 was the 50th anniversary of the Internet and the 30th anniversary of the Web, with Nico believing that this presents a wonderful opportunity to raise the level of understanding and interest in the Internet, Web and Digital Technologies. By doing so, we can reflect on our achievements, the challenges we faced, and imagine where we might go next.

Other themes we discussed included the lack of a making and experimenting culture; the aesthetics of code and the (absence of a) narrative around interface deisgn among cultural commentators; and digital games and the creation of new media forms.

It was a very enjoyable interview, professionally done, and lead to many conversations, which couldn’t fit the cut, on the limits of current interfaces; ICTs connecting people across classes, age groups, and cultures; bowdlerising the ideas of the past (pace Alan Kay); being grateful for what we have achieved with ICT; and ‘the engineer as hero’.

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